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John Philpott Curran 1750-1817

Born in Newmarket, County Cork. He was admitted to the Irish Bar in 1775 and built a reputation as a great advocate. He held various seats at Westminster from 1783 until 1797. He defended the United Irishmen before and after 1798 including Tone and the Sheares Brothers but refused to defend Robert Emmet who was having a relationship with Curran’s daughter, Sarah at that time. This relationship caused great difficulty for Curran with the Authorities and put him under suspicion. In 1806 he was appointed Master of the Irish Rolls and retired in 1814 and went to live in England.

He was initially buried in London. His dying wish was to be buried in Ireland and in 1834 his remains were transferred to Ireland. They were brought into Dublin at night and he was reinterred by the light of torches in Glasnevin Cemetery. The sarcophagus is based on that of Scipio Barbatus in Rome.

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