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Daniel O’Connell 1775-1847

Born near Cahirciveen, County Kerry. He was called to the Bar in 1798. His great political objectives were the Repeal of the Union and Catholic Emancipation which was eventually conceded in 1829.  He opposed violence arguing that no political change whatsoever is worth the shedding of a single drop of blood. He founded the Catholic Association in 1823 and when that was banned he formed another one. It was from his organisation The Order of Liberators that he became known as The Liberator. In the 1840’s he organised monster rallies in support of the National Repeal Association. He was found guilty of creating discontent and disaffection among the Queen’s subjects and was imprisoned. The Young Irelanders began to take over and his declining health forced him into the background. He died in Genoa while on a trip to Rome. His body was returned to Ireland and buried in Dublin. His heart was embalmed and taken to Rome where it was placed in a marble monument near the high altar of the church of St Agatha beside the wall of the left aisle.

The last photo shows a piece of furniture made from the outer casket that bore his body back from Italy.

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