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John O’Donovan 1809-1861

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Born at Attateemore, County Kilkenny. In 1829 he was employed at the department of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland to investigate the names of places and their historical associations. He recorded over 60,000 such names in Irish. In 1840 he was co-founder of the Irish Archaeological Society. In 1849 he was made Professor of Irish History and Archaeology at Queen’s College, Belfast. His finest achievement was the editing and translation of The Annals of the Four Masters in seven volumes. Along with his brother-in-law, Eugene O’Curry, he began work on translating the Ancient Laws of Ireland. His Letters, from his fieldwork, were edited by Father Michael O’Flanagan and published in 50 volumes. Other works include the translation of The Tribes of Ireland and A Grammar of the Irish Language. He is buried in Dublin.

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