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Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa 1831-1915

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Born in Rosscarbery, County Cork. He was involved in politics in Skibbereen before he joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood. He was arrested and imprisoned in 1859 for eight months. From 1863-65 he was business manager of the Irish People but the rise of Fenianism alarmed the Government and in September 1865 O’Donovan was one of the leaders arrested. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiracy to rebel against the Crown. His time in prison was particularly difficult as he refused to conform. He was released in 1871 but forced to remain outside the country for the rest of his sentence. He continued to promote his views which were considered quite extreme and he was respected more for his courage than his politics. His works include O’Donovan Rossa’s Prison Life and Rossa’s Recollections. He is buried in Dublin.

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