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Updates to 18th February 2007

Brian Desmond Hurst 1895-1986 film maker

Arthur Colohan – composer of Galway Bay

Philip Francis Little 1824-1897 Newfoundland’s first premier

Matt Russell 1834-1912 Editor of The Irish Monthly

Lord John David Fitzgerald 1816-1889 Solicitor General for Ireland 1855-56

Cornelius MacLoughlin - United Irishman

Patrick Vincent Fitzpatrick died 1865 a lifelong friend of Daniel O’Connell

Laurence Waldron 18811-1875 - a director of the Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford Railway.

James Gaffney died 1876 - member of the Royal Irish Academy

John Donegan died 1862 - gave every priest going on the foreign mission a silver chalice, paten and case for the holy oils, and any Irishman who distinguished himself in the walk of practical patriotism received a gold watch.

Dixon Cornelius O’Keefe - stipulated that a memorial typical of his country should be placed over his grave.

Richard Levey died 1899 - director of music at the Theatre Royal for forty three years

George Wyse 1793-1856. He compiled with his brother Thomas, the History of the Catholic Association.

Thomas McKeever died 1875 - a distinguished doctor

 Thomas Beakey 1784-1850 - one of O’Connell’s oldest followers.

John Lanigan died 1868 - MP for Cashel and an old ally of O’Connell.

James Cantwell died 1875 – one of the ’48 men

Alexander MacDonnell – the finest Celtic cross in Glasnevin is over his grave

PP MacSwiney died 1884 – Lord mayor of Dublin and owner of the drapery fimr that bore his name.

Thomas Duffy 1805-1868 – V.C. holder

James Devlin died 1892 – V.C. holder

Vladimir Petcherine died 1885 – a “troublesome” priest

Anne Lovett - died, aged 16, after giving birth in a grotto

Huge Kennedy 1879-1936 - was the most influential of the committee that drafted the Irish constitution.

Gearoid O’Sullivan 1891-1948 - was appointed Adjutant General of the army in 1922

John Haugh died 1908 - His “Higher Arithmetic” was a standard work for many years.

James Kirwan died 1969 – he owned the pub where Michael Collins had many meetings.

Constable O’Neill died 1866 - was a policeman who was assassinated in the course of his duty on April 29th 1866.

Eamonn Duggan 1874-1936 -  was one of the signatories of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. He served in a number of ministries.

Leo Whelan 1892-1956 - painter

Felix Smith VC 1825-1906 – Victoria Cross Holder

James Murray VC 1859-1942 - Victoria Cross Holder

William J Brennan Whitmore 1886-1977 - was a commandant in the 1916 Rising

Richard Coyne died 1856 – publisher

Thomas Nedley - a famous Irish wit passed

John Finlay died 1856 - a strong supporter of Catholic Emancipation

James Henry Monahan died 1878 - Solicitor and Attorney General from 1847-1850

Patrick Frederick Gallagher 1800-1863 - a well-known ventriloquist and entertainer.

William Lynam died 1894 - wrote about the adventures of the fictional trickster Mick McQuid in the Shamrock.

Robert Ornsby 1820-1899 - the author of Memoirs of James Robert Hope-Scott Volume 2.

Thomas Sheehan died 1880 - the editor of the Dublin Evening Mail

Thomas More Madden died 1902 - wrote a Life of his father RR Madden

Abigail Bail - leader of the White Quakers in Tallaght

Dr Patrick Duggan 1813-1896 - Bishop of Clonfert

Thomas Arkins died 1880 - Sword Bearer to O’Connell

R.J. O’Mulrenin died 1906 – poet

John Edward Pigot 1822- 1871- collector of “airs”

Michael Gunn died 1861 – victim of Portobello Bridge accident

Major Theobald Butler died 1851 – military man

William O’Leary died 1880 - remembered for his part in the trial of Robert Kelly for the murder of the police spy Talbot on 11th July 1871.

Mullen Michael died 1982 - trade unionist and secretary of the ITGWU 1969-1982.

James Cullen 1841-1921 - founded the Pioneer Total Abstinence Society

Timothy Corcoran 1871-1943  the first Professor of Education at the National University of Ireland.

E J Coyne died 1958 -  pioneered classes in adult education.

Lambert McKenna 1870-1953 - collected and edited religious and folk poetry in the Irish language.

Morgan O’Connell died 1885 - was the second son of Daniel O’Connell

Joe Cahill

Hamilton Harty

Rev Henry Cooke

Rev Hugh Hanna

Sir Charles Lanyon

Pat Finucane

Bernard McQuirt V.C.

Valentine McMaster V.,C.

Updates to 16th January 2006

George Best

Joey Dunlop


John W Nixon


Updates to 1st January 2006

Grissell Steevens


Updates to 8th December 2005

Red Hugh O'Donnell


Updates to 6th September 2005

Father Flanagan - photo

King James ll - photo

Victor Herbert - photo

Arthur Power - painter, writer, friend of James Joyce

John Cunningham - pastoral poet


Updates to 20th August 2005

P.V. Doyle - hotelier

Thomas Bracken - writer of New Zealand national anthem

Joe Linnane - actor


Updates to August 13th 2005

Desmond Fitzgerald - politician

Updates toAugust 12th 2005

John Hughes - sculptor

Sir Ernest Shackleton - explorer

Raymond McGrath - architect

Constantine Fitzgibbon - writer

Tom Casement - Roger's brother

Duke of Wellington

I have photographs and locations of the following people. They will be put into the main site over the next few months.

St Aidan

Aldworthy Elizabeth

Archdeacon Ernest

Balance John

Bang Bang Dudley Tommy Lord

Barrett George

Barry Denis

Barry John

Barry Spranger

Beresford George

Beresford John

Biggar Joseph Gilles

Blackwell James Bartholomew

Blood Thomas

Boland Kevin

Bourchier James David

Bowles William

Brandt Ruth

Brennan Louis

Brooke Basil

Brown, Billy

Browning Michael

Bryce James

Buckley Aengus

Burch Lawson

Burke Tom

Butcher Samuel Henry

Butler Elizabeth

Butler James

Byrne Miles

Caracciolo Niccolo

Cassels Richard  

Caulfield James

Chubb Basil

Clancy Patrick

Clarke Harry

Coghill Egerton

Colley George

Collins Jerome J

Condon John

Conlon Guiseppe


Costelloe Timothy

Cotter Patrick

Craig H Roberston

Craig James Humbert

Crimean Bob

Croke Thomas

Crotty Elizabeth

Cummins Danny

Curran Amelia

Curran Sarah

Danby Francis

Davis Christina

Day John

De Vere White Terence

Dignam Michael

Dill John

Dillon James

Dillon Wentworth

Donoghue Patrick

Doyle Tony

Dunlap John

Duns Scotus Johannes

Eeles Henry

Ervine St John

Ferguson Harry

Fiacre St

Fischer Jonathan

Flanagan Edward

Forde Samuel

Foster John

Fromel Gerda

Frost Stella

Furey Paul

Galvin Edward

Gibbings Robert

Gilmer Arthur

Goaban St

Goulding, Cathal

Graves Alfred Percival

Graves, Robert

Grey Betsy

Grubb Samuel

Hamilton William

Hanley James

Hannan Paddy

Harris Richard - family plot

Harrison Charles L

Hart Robert

Haydn J.A.


Healy Cathal

Healy John

Healy Michael

Hempenstall Edward

Hennessy Patrick

Henry Grace

Henry James

Heron Hilary

Higgins, Francis

Holland J.P.

Hone Nathaniel

Horan James

Howis William

Hughes Francis

Jordan Dorothy

Keating Sean

Kennedy Jimmy

Kent Richard

Keogh Myles

Kernoff Harry

Kerry Babies

King Cecil

Knowles Margaret

Lamb Charles

Lavelle Patrick

Lawless Emily

Leech William

Leslie John

Lir Children of

Littleton Michael

Logue Michael

Lynam William Francis

Lynch Concepta

Lynch Joe "Dinny Byrne"

Lynch Liam

Mac Donnell Sorley Boy

MacCausland Katherine

MacCool Finn


MacGrath Miler

MacKenna Juan


Maning Frederick Edward

Mannin Ethel

Martin Richard Humanity Dick

Maude Frederick Francis

McAuley Charles

McCall P.J.

McCorley Roddy

McDonnell Joe

McDonnell Shane

McGuinness May

McIlwee Tom

McNally Joe

McPeake Francis

McWilliam F.E.


Mitchel Jane Verner

Moore Phylis

Moynan Richard

Muiredeach St

Nesbit Thomas


Nicholl Andrew

Nietsche Paul

O’Higgins, Patrick

O'Brien Nelly

O'Cahan Cooey na-nGall

O'Connor James Arthur

O'Conor Roderick

O'Donnell Red Hugh

O'Donnell Roderick

O'Floinn Donnchadh

O'Hanlon Redmond

O'hEanai Seosamh


O'Neill Hugh

O'Neill Owen Roe


O'Neill Shane

O'Shea Henry

O'Sullivan Sean

Parnell Fanny

Parnell John

Peacock Joseph

Pennefather John Lysaght

Pentland Joseph Barclay

Plunkett Horace

Power Jenny Wyse

Prior Thomas

Renard-Goulet Yann


Roberts Thomas

Roberts Thomas Sautelle

Robinson Hercules George

Robinson Markey


Sadler William

Saint Adjutor

Saint Colman MacDuagh

Saint Malachy

Saint Muireadeach O'Heney

Saint Piran

Shaw Elizabeth

Shee Martin Archer Shee

Sheerin Eugene

Smith Henry John Stephen

Smith Stephen Catterson

Smith Sydney

Smith, Robert

Smyth Edward

Southerne Thomas

Steele Dickson William

Strong Rupert

Sullivan James Mark

Thompson Elizabeth

Tuohy Patrick

Tyndall John

Uhlemann Karl jun

Walker John

Ward James

Watson Henry

Wilson Archibel

Winter J. Edgar